Cinephellas Podcast – Episode 20 (Interview with Angelic Zambrana)

Life Imitating Art : A Conversation with Angelic Zambrana

by Christopher M. Rzigalinski

On today’s episode of the Cinephellas Podcast I’m chatting with Angelic Zambrana about her role in the film Bushwick (2017), which hits theaters and VOD on this Friday, August 25th. Bushwick is the horrifying story about a present-day civil war in which several southern states decide to secede from the United States. A group of mercenaries from Texas invade the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York and martial law is declared. Stupe (Dave Bautista) and Lucy (Brittany Snow) have to retrieve Lucy’s sister Belinda (played by Angelic) and escape this war zone with their lives.

Belinda’s role is significant in helping Lucy transform into a caretaker. When we first meet her, she is trapped in a drug-induced haze inside her appointment. She has no idea about the chaos outside her window. At first Belinda remains defiant, unwilling to accept her world falling apart. Quickly she learns that there is no use in denial, transforming her bitterness into self-empowerment. That seamless transition is made possible by Angelic’s ability to find the authentic struggle in Belinda’s journey and turn it into strength.

Angelic and I discussed Bushwick in light of her personal experiences and the social unrest of 2017. She revealed how growing up in New York and having an artistic family helped her prepare for a career in the arts. That insight she developed by learning from the many characters she came across in the city also led her to identify with their hardships. We spent a good portion of our time together chatting about how the dystopian chaos in Bushwick took on new relevance after the white supremacist-driven domestic terrorism in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 12th. Moreover, we talked about how the power of film can help us learn from one another and help put an end to the hatred that comes from misunderstanding.

Angelic is a brilliant and inspiring person. She’s sensitive to a depth of experience that most of only dream to share. It was a true privilege talking with her. And I hope she gave you some hope about our shared future. Even if that hope comes one script at a time, or one performance at a time, it’s growth. You can follow Angelic on Instagram @angeliczambranafanafofanna.


Bushwick deserves 4.5 out of 5 hairpieces for its solid performances, interesting use of tracking shots to build intensity, and a fantastic soundtrack by Aesop Rock. For a list of the many collaborators that produce and distribute the film, click here.

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