Cinephellas has been an idea for the past ten years between Henry and I, but now it was time to take it serious and bring it to the next step. My friends and I would sit around with a few glasses of sweet southern tea and binge watch movies from dusk until dawn while conversating about all things in the movie industry.  Then “poof” the idea came to us start a company with our group of friends and have a good fucking time doing it. No drama, no bullshit, just talk movies/TV and have fun with it. So why not record our shenanigans and start a revolution? That is our very intention and we hope to do that one computer at a time! We are huge fans of Martin Scorsese films and the Cinephellas name is based off one of his greatest films, Good Fellas. We wanted to say thank you to Marty and his inspiration in a more permanent way, our company brand! From here on out, it’s all the Phellas 24/7 and keeping you (the audience) in the loop of what’s going on in the industry, the good, the bad, and the fuckin classics!

Logan Myerz

Cinephellas is the culmination of thirty-plus years of love for the movies and TV. Throughout our friendship, Logan and I have always discussed the latest movies and shows we were watching and the ones we were looking forward to seeing. We started a tradition of attending movie and comic conventions together ten years ago and we’ve met some of our favorite actors and movie directors. A few years back we went on a road trip that took us from Las Vegas through California starting with a day at Universal Studios Hollywood and ending up in Santa Cruz where the movie Lost Boys was filmed. All the memories that we have made in our friendship in one way or the other are tied to the movies. With Cinephellas, we look forward to sharing our love of cinema with you!

Henry Hill

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