Cinephellas Podcast – Episode 9 (Peter Spirer and Peter Baxter Interview)

Removing Borders: A Conversation with Peter Spirer and Peter Baxter

by Christopher Rzigalinski

On this episode of the Cinephellas podcast I’m talking to the Peter Spirer and Peter Baxter, co-directors of Spirit Game: Pride of a Nation. The documentary uses lacrosse, which the Iroquois nation calls its “medicine game,” as a lens through which to explore Iroquois history and indigenous peoples’ relationships with the United States and Canada. How is it, the film asks, that countless schools and universities across North America play teach the game to its students without relating its ceremonial past? To answer that question, the Peters and I discuss the Catholic Church’s oppressive Doctrine of Discovery, the Iroquois challenges to traditional ideas of sovereignty, and how sports can be used as a tool for activism. Spirit Game is a powerful statement about how popular culture can help change the world for the better.

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Today, Starz announced the highly-anticipated Season Four return of the  #1 hit STARZ Original series “Power” on Sunday, June 25, starting at 12:01 am on the STARZ app and On Demand. The network on-air premiere will be at its regularly scheduled time of 9:00 pm ET/PT. Season Four of “Power” will consist of 10 one-hour episodes. A full weekend “Power” Play marathon begins on Saturday, June 24th at 5PM ET/PT when the network airs Seasons One through Three.

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Principal photography has begun on the ten-episode fifth season of CINEMAX’S action-packed drama series, STRIKE BACK, shot on location in Jordan and Hungary with a brand new cast portraying members of the revived Section 20. Season five features a new team facing new threats and new enemies and stars Warren Brown (“Luther,” “The Dark Knight Rises”) as “Mac” McAllister, Daniel MacPherson (“Infini”) as Samuel Wyatt, Roxanne McKee (“Game of Thrones,” “Crossfire”) as Natalie Reynolds and Alin Sumarwata (“Burning Man”) as Gracie Novin.

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Cinephellas Podcast-Episode 6 (Alexander Nevsky Interview)

Cinematic Diplomacy: A Conversation with Alexander Nevsky

by Christopher M. Rzigalinski

Alexander Nevsky’s latest film, Black Rose, blends horror, mystery, and action genres for a fresh take on cinematic Russian/American relations. His directorial debut gets rid of the tired, Cold War stereotype of the Soviet villain versus the US hero. Instead, Black Rose tells the story of Nevsky’s Russian Police Major, Vladimir Kazatov, working side by side with the LAPD to find a killer targeting young women in West Hollywood. This simple change in perspective facilitates a conversation about international diplomacy and the political realities of 2017, as we are confronted daily with questions about Donald Trump’s relationship to Vladimir Putin and whether Russia interfered with last year’s presidential election.

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Netflix ‘The Get Down’ Part 2 Review!!

Dust Off Your Turntable, and Groove All Over Again With ‘The Get Down’ Part 2

by Nile Fortner

When I first heard about Netflix The Get Down, I was interested but a little worried. The Get Down is a Netflix original series. The series documents the rise of Hip-Hop and the downfall of disco music in a hardcore, 1970’s chaotic New York. The show was created by 2013 The Great Gatsby director Baz Luhrmann. I was a little worried because I am someone who loves hip-hop and rap music. I love the history of the music genre, and how it grew into the worldwide phenomenon that it is today. I was mainly worried because an Australian director creating and unfolding a story about old school hip-hop doesn’t really come to mind at first. On the other hand, the first season of this show was well done. The first few episodes started a little slow, but it transitioned itself into a very good series. The show is filled with 70s nostalgia, great music, and characters you can get behind. Now we get part two, and part two of this series brings us more story, more music, more drama, and makes the audience want to view more.

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Cinephellas Podcast-Episode 5 (Luc Annest Interview)

Sans Acrobats:

A Review of NOLA Circus

By Christopher M. Rzigalinski

NOLA Circus, the latest film from writer/director/producer Luc Annest, focuses on an African American community in New Orleans. Friendships are tested, true love is put on trial, and a bunch of dudes get their asses kicked. Luc brings a French perspective to this dark comedy about two rival barbershops and their larger-than-life employees. I got the chance to talk with him about adjusting to cultural differences in the United States, looking beyond race to understand the film, and the importance of music in visual storytelling. After you listen to my conversation with Luc, check out NOLA Circus when it hits theaters on April 21st or when it hits VOD platforms and iTunes on April 25th.