Cinephellas Podcast – Episode 7 (Olson Brothers Interview)

A Conversation with the Olson Brothers

by Chris Rzigalinski

It’s hard enough directing a movie when one intelligent mind is behind the camera. But brothers Obin and Amariah Olson find a way to merge two brilliant perspectives. Their latest project, The Shadow Effect, explores the consequences of trauma on Gabriel (played by Cam Gigandet), an ex-Navy Seal unaware he’s in the throes of a scientific experiment. As a result, the lines between reality and imagination are blurred. Gabriel must figure out if his murderous flashbacks are delusions or if the mysterious Dr. Reese (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) is manipulating him. Along the way, Gabriel is forced to question the sincerity of the people closest to him, including his wife, Brinn (Britt Shaw).

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CAMERA OBSCURA | Check Out the Official Trailer!

On behalf of Chiller Films, we are pleased to share the OFFICIAL TRAILER for the horror, thriller film CAMERA OBSCURA.
CAMERA OBSCURA stars Christopher Denham (“Billions,” “Argo”), Nadja Bobyleva (“Bridge of Spies”), Catherine Curtin (“Stranger Things,” “Orange is the New Black”), Chase Williamson (SIREN, “Beyond the Gates”) and Noah Segan (“The Mind’s Eye,” “Tales of Halloween”) and is the theatrical directing debut of Aaron B. Koontz.

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Check Out The New Ridley Scott Featurette from PHOENIX FORGOTTEN!

On behalf of Cinelou Films, we are pleased to share a new featurette from PHOENIX FORGOTTEN featuring Sir Ridley Scott .  

PHOENIX FORGOTTEN was produced by Ridley Scott(The Martian, Alien, Blade Runner), WES BALL (The Maze Runner franchise) and T.S. NOWLIN (Pacific Rim: Uprising, The Maze Runner franchise) who also co-wrote the film. JUSTIN BARBER co-writes and directs in his feature film debut.

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Chiller Films Releases ‘CAMERA OBSCURA’…

Chiller Films is pleased to announce the release of the anticipated horror thriller ‘CAMERA OBSCURA,’ in theaters on June 9 and on VOD and Digital HD on June 13.  The film is written by Aaron B. Koontz and Cameron Burns and marks the theatrical directing debut of Koontz. The cast includes Christopher Denham (“Billions,” “Argo”), Nadja Bobyleva (“Bridge of Spies”), Catherine Curtin (“Stranger Things,” “Orange is the New Black”), Chase Williamson (SIREN, “Beyond the Gates”) and Noah Segan (“The Mind’s Eye,” “Tales of Halloween”).

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You’ll Float with IT in September!

by Kevin Muller

The road for Pennywise to have his day in the sun, or lurking around in the sewers, hasn’t been an easy one.   For years, the project had “floated” around with no hope of every gracing the silver screen.   After his success of the incredible 2014 “True Detective,” Cary Fukanaga soon boarded the project that he aimed for a 2016 release.   Cary and the studio constantly clashed over the tone of the Stephen King novel.   Cary wanted to do more of a slow burn film, while the studio wanted to, as Cary put it, make a typical jump scare horror film.   In a later article, I will review the screenplay that he originally wrote with Chase Palmer that was a dated 2014 script.   Soon after his departure, Andres (Andy) Muschetti, stepped into the director’s chair.   His 2013 film “Mama” wasn’t my favorite film but he seemed serious on bringing something good to this material.

Our first glimpse of Pennywise came back last summer with a facial shot of the character.  Then a few months later an official full body pose came out.  The one thing that stuck out about this interpretation of the murderous clown is that the wardrobe looked like it was from another century.  In actuality that is true of the novel’s presentation of him.   He has been here for hundreds of years and became a clown during the Victorian age.   Muschetti had already nailed the look of the character. Some people were and are still iffy about how the costume will look in motion.    Well, the poster and trailer have been released and I think we are in for one hell of a ride

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Cinephellas Podcast-Episode 3 (Veronica Ferres Interview)

The Heart of the Matter:  An Interview with Veronica Ferres

by Chris Rzigalinski

Veronica Ferres is an artist that uses her acting talents to find the essential values of each character she plays. Despite massive popularity in her native Germany that Newsweek magazine once compared to that of Sharon Stone’s in America, Veronica moved to Hollywood and takes on the leading role in Werner Herzog’s latest film, Salt and Fire, out on VOD platforms and iTunes April 4th and in theaters April 7th. In Herzog’s adaptation of Tom Bissell’s Pushcart Prize-nominated short story, “Aral,” Veronica plays “Laura,” an international scientist thrust against her will into a role where she has to make sense of an ecological disaster in Bolivia caused by a misguided CEO, portrayed with intensity by Michael Shannon. “Laura” is forced to confront the lines between quantifiable data and human empathy in order to save her own life and possibly the entire world. I talked with Veronica about the film’s power to begin conversations about environmental justice, being a muse for the legendary Herzog, and finding hope in times of desperation.