Henry’s Reliable TV List

…for when you need something solid to watch.

1) The Sopranos (HBO) A mob boss suffering from anxiety attacks tries to keep both of his families from getting whacked.

2) Breaking Bad (AMC) A cancer stricken chemistry teacher cooks methamphetamine with a former student.

3) Fargo (FX) Loosely based on the Coen Bros. film, it’s real good. Yah.

4) Shameless (Showtime) Meet the Gallaghers, Chicago’s most endearing family of fuck-ups.

5) Better Call Saul (AMC) The lawyer from Breaking Bad and how he became Saul Goodman.

6) Rescue Me (FX) An alcoholic New York firefighter sees the ghost of his cousin who died in the twin towers on 9/11.

7) LOST (ABC) A plane crashes on a mysterious island and the survivors must band together to find the way back home.

8) House of Cards (Netflix) A ruthless politician and his equally ruthless wife look to take over the world one election at a time.

9) Louie (FX) A divorced stand-up comedian raises his two daughters amidst the chaos of his middle age life.

10) Friday Night Lights (NBC) High School Football serves as the backdrop to this drama about growing up with clear eyes and full hearts in Dillon, Texas.