Christopher M. Rzigalinski


Christopher Rzigalinski

Christopher M. Rzigalinski is a writer, performer, essayist, and multimedia artist.  He’s a pop culture and history nerd with passions for music, television, movies and comedy. Christopher currently studies improv, sketch, and storytelling at the UCB Training Center and lives in Los Angeles, CA. Since migrating to the west coast, he has been working on a pilot based on his career working in higher education called Further Research and developing the Popography podcast, a critical look at how people form relationships with the music, movies, television shows, books, and art they love. He also writes for MicDrop’s “107 Music Facts You Should Know” YouTube series. Check out his website here.

Christopher was raised in South River, New Jersey. He received a Master of Arts degree from Rutgers University-Newark in American Studies, where his thesis “Contorting the Color Line: Race in New York Underground Music and Culture, 1978-1981” focused on artistic production as a means of developing relationships between black and white communities in New York City. He taught undergraduate courses in multimedia composition, pop cultural history, and pop music at Rutgers University-New Brunswick, in addition to guiding several new media initiatives, such as Mapping New Brunswick Memories, a collaborative effort between students and local community members.

He works in several formats.  His new media and digital work includes experimental videos and sound collages. His ambient audio tracks have appeared as companion pieces to a  digital version of the literary magazine With Regard To: Light and Dark. In addition, his play 34th & 11th, co-written with Laryssa Wirstiuk, was accepted to the Manhattan Repertory Theatre One-Act Festival in 2014. An essay of his titled “I Have a Confession to Make: My Struggle with Whiteness” was published in the anthology What Does it Mean to Be White in America? in the spring of 2016.