Henry Hill


As far back as he can remember, Henry has always loved movies. As a kid growing up in the late ’80s and early ‘90s, he watched a lot of movies along with his older brother. They would stay up late and watch horror movies like Friday the 13th and Fright Night. On the weekends Henry’s brother would drive them out to catch a movie showing at the theater. Henry loved every second of the movie experience. Movies removed him from the hardships of life and allowed him to see life through different eyes and to follow characters on incredible journeys. He has a wide variety of favorite movies from many different genres and directors, but Henry’s all-time favorite director is Martin Scorsese and he absolutely love his films, especially GoodFellas. Scorsese’s love of cinema is felt on every frame in every scene of the movies and shows he has done.

Not only did Henry grow up with cinema, but his family also enjoyed watching TV together. Some of the first shows that Henry remembers enjoying were Cheers and The Wonder Years. For a long time, TV shows always ranked well behind the movies, but in the past decade or so, the golden age of television has given us shows that are every bit as special as the movies. A few of Henry’s favorites are The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, and LOST.

When Henry is not enjoying movies or television, he loves reading, listening to and enjoying live music, and traveling and enjoying the great outdoors with his wife. He’s an avid fan of the Chicago Cubs, Blackhawks and Bears.