Old King Clancy


Old King Clancy

When he was younger, Clancy was given the option to choose life, chose a job, choose a career, choose a family, choose a f***ing big television. He chose not to choose life, and the reasons? Who needs reasons when you have movies. Operating beyond The Wall, Clancy has amassed a number of reviews and seen more Twilight movies than he’s happy to admit, but he always has time for a Scorsese classic or anything by Fincher.

He’s also one of the rare breed to actually like the second season of True Detective.

When he’s not rewatching Drive for the 100th time or getting Nam flashbacks from Halloween Resurrection, Clancy can be found pretending to write his screenplays or stealing ideas from other people and passing them off as his own. In short, he’s a simple man, he likes pretty dark haired women and breakfast food.