Robert Pattinson descends into mayhem in the new GOOD TIME trailer!

GOOD TIME gets a hallucinatory new trailer and poster with stunning accolades from its Cannes premiere.

The Safdie brothers’ exhilarating New York thriller stars Robert Pattinson in a headlong rush into crime and chaos. The overwhelmingly positive reactions out of the Cannes Film Festival mark a thrilling turn for the filmmakers and a career-defining performance for Pattinson.

– In Theaters August 11

Review – Sweet Virginia (2017) Edinburgh Film Festival

by Old King Clancy

With TV currently in it’s Golden Age, a lot of genres have proven to work better with a long-form series rather than a one-off entry; case in point, crime thriller with the likes of Fargo and Twin Peaks making the most of their extended run-time. I bring this up because while it’s very easy to tell when a movie needs to be cut shorter, new Alaskan thriller Sweet Virginia is one of those rare films that could benefit from being longer.

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Review – God’s Own Country (2017) Edinburgh Film Festival

by Old King Clancy

God’s Own Country has been described as Yorkshire’s answer to Brokeback Mountain which I think is doing both films a disservice. Brokeback was more of a period piece, dealing with the love of two men in a society that hated them, whereas God’s Own Country tackled a much more personal story about the love between two men when one of them hates themselves. It tackles self-destruction with a deft hand that evokes Mike Leigh’s work, but with a modern sensibility towards homosexual sex and romance.

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Power Rangers Blu-Ray PhellasGiveway!

Logan Myerz here! We wanted to give all of our followers a chance to win Power Rangers Blu-Ray copy that comes out on June 27th.  All you have to do is subscribe to our YouTube Channel, follow our social networking sites, and let us know which movie you are looking forward to see this summer.  One random winner will be chosen on Tuesday, June 27th at 7 pm CST and will receive the Blu ray copy via mail. Also, please use the hashtag #PhellasGiveAway


Cinephellas Podcast – Episode 12 (Interview with Blake Freeman)

Calling for Community: A Conversation with Blake Freeman

By Christopher M. Rzigalinski

On this episode of the Cinephellas podcast we have my conversation with the multitalented Blake Freeman. We’re discussing his new comedy, All About the Money. Blake wrote the screenplay, directed, produced, and stars in the film. But he consistently points out that the project was only possible thanks to the community of people he worked with, both behind the scenes and in front of the camera. He’s got some great co-stars, including Eddie Griffin and Casper Van Dien. This is Eddie’s return to the big screen after about two years doing other projects. And Casper gives a great performance playing against his usual all-American type. Blake also gave me some info about his upcoming TV project based on tech and gaming culture. It’s a timely look at contemporary digital culture.

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