Cinephellas Podcast – Episode 25 (Interview with Trench 11 Director Leo Scherman)

by Logan Myerz

Halloween is around the corner and the horror genre is making a giant comeback with many independent films being released to larger theaters across the world. From the general consensus, horror is here to stay with many films and TV Shows using nostalgic elements to draw the audience in and never let them go. What makes these types of films compelling is the thought process, direction, practical effects, and originality. As a huge fan of this genre, I also really appreciate newer concepts and incorporating factual events into a film that will set itself apart from other movies that play it safe.

Trench 11 is a perfect example of using historical events to create a horror atmosphere where violence is contagious . The movie is a psychological horror creature feature that utilizes practical effects and WWI as a backdrop to heighten the terror the characters will come across. Filmed in the blistering cold terrain of Winnipeg, the movie takes places during the final days of World War I, and the film captures the distraught of this time period perfectly.  Trench 11 will satisfy the genre fans and make you look at bunkers in a whole new way.

On this episode of Cinephellas Podcast, Logan Myerz interviews the Trench 11 director Leo Scherman. They discuss directing, co-writing, working with David Cronenberg, and the practical effects.

Trench 11 is now available on Digital and DVD.



Trench 11 Facebook Page

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