Cinephellas Podcast – Episode 9 (Peter Spirer and Peter Baxter Interview)

Removing Borders: A Conversation with Peter Spirer and Peter Baxter

by Christopher Rzigalinski

On this episode of the Cinephellas podcast I’m talking to the Peter Spirer and Peter Baxter, co-directors of Spirit Game: Pride of a Nation. The documentary uses lacrosse, which the Iroquois nation calls its “medicine game,” as a lens through which to explore Iroquois history and indigenous peoples’ relationships with the United States and Canada. How is it, the film asks, that countless schools and universities across North America play teach the game to its students without relating its ceremonial past? To answer that question, the Peters and I discuss the Catholic Church’s oppressive Doctrine of Discovery, the Iroquois challenges to traditional ideas of sovereignty, and how sports can be used as a tool for activism. Spirit Game is a powerful statement about how popular culture can help change the world for the better.

I hope this interview gets you excited to check out Spirit Game when it hits theaters on May 26th and on VOD and iTunes June 20th. You can also do background reading on the Doctrine of Discovery on the independent National Catholic Reporter website, so you’re informed if you decide to get involved with the grassroots campaign asking the Catholic Church to formally rescind the Doctrine. Spirit Game earns 5 out of 5 hairpieces for its potential to transform a national conversation and shedding new light on an American sports tradition.



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