Review – Air (2023)

We’re back with our review Ben Affleck’s new film Air. The film stars Matt Damon as Sonny Vacarro, the shoe salesman that helped Nike land the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan.

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“Follows the history of shoe salesman Sonny Vaccaro, and how he led Nike in its pursuit of the greatest athlete in the history of basketball, Michael Jordan.”

Se7en with Kevin – March Movie Reviews

Kevin is back with a new segment called “Se7en with Kevin,” where he reviews the last seven movies he has watched. In this segment,  he shares his thoughts on the films he’s watched recently and his thoughts on the Best Actress controversy involving Andrea Riseborough, Danielle Deadwyler, and Viola Davis.

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Review – Widows (2018)

by Armando Vanegas

Steve McQueen’s Widows is a very entertaining time as it feels like a throwback to the older dramas that used to be a big deal before superhero movies and franchises were a thing. If you want to see great actors doing their thing while a great director does his best job at being artful while being contained in a mainstream bubble, then this is the movie for you. A lot of the ads made this look like a big action-packed heist movie and just know that it’s not that. If you’ve seen any of McQueen’s other movies, you know what to expect from him here. It’s more of a slow burn character study about how three women are forced to break out of their shells created by their now deceased husbands through their crimes by way of financial stability. While that might seem heavy, it’s engrossing from beginning to end thanks to great performances and McQueen’s directing.

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Review – Widows (2018)

by Old King Clancy

Given Steve McQueen’s (no not that one) previous works being far more dramatic affairs touching on protests, sex addiction, and slavery, having him helm a heist movie sounds strange on paper. Even more so when you realize the heist film is an adaptation of a British TV Series from the 80’s and co-written by Gone Girl’s Gillian Flynn. But as fans of both Flynn and McQueen’s works and a solid cast backing them up, Widows looked to be a thrilling change of pace.

What we got was a thrilling change of pace, but still carrying McQueen’s dramatic flair.

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‘FENCES’ : Denzel Washington and Viola Davis Go From Stage to Studio


by Nile Fortner

According to The Wrap, Vulture, and WikipediaFences was originally “a 1983 play by the legendary American playwright August Wilson. Set in the 1950sFences explores the evolving African-American experience, family, the relationship between a father and son, examines race relations, among other themes. The play won the 1987 Pulitzer Prize for Drama and the 1987 Tony Award for Best Play. Fences premiered on Broadway at the 46th Street Theatre on March 26, 1987, and closed on June 26, 1988, after 525 performances and 11 previews. Directed by Lloyd Richards, the cast featured James Earl Jones (voice of Darth VaderThe Sandlot) as Troy Maxson, Mary Alice (Malcolm X, The Matrix Revolutions) as Rose, and Courtney B. Vance (Terminator Genisys, Office Christmas Party) as Cory.”

More recently, Wikipedia has written, “Broadway revived the iconic play. It opened at the Cort Theatre on April 26, 2010, with limited showing. Directed by Kenny Leon, this time around the production starred Denzel Washington (Training Day, The Equalizer) as Troy Maxson and Viola Davis (Prisoners, Suicide Squad) as Rose, as the married couple struggling with American race relations. The play was nominated for a total of ten Tony Awards, winning three for Best Revival of a PlayBest Actor in a Play (Denzel Washington), and Best Actress in a Play (Viola Davis).”

Now that we got that little history lesson out the way. Let’s talk about the actual movie Fences, because that’s what I’m assuming you are here for.

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Review – Suicide Squad


by Rachel Schullo

By now you’ve read many reviews on Suicide Squad. I’m sure they’ve ranged anywhere from, “THIS WAS A TOTAL SHITSHOW DEATH TO EVERYONE INVOLVED” to “OMG THIS WAS AMAZING DEATH TO ALL WHO OPPOSE THIS VIEWPOINT”. And honestly, these passionate opinions are based in some truth; there were really good parts and very, very bad parts. But after seeing the movie I’m not sure how anyone can feel that strongly about anything as mediocre as it was. Let me explain.

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