Se7en with Kevin – March Movie Reviews

Kevin is back with a new segment called “Se7en with Kevin,” where he reviews the last seven movies he has watched. In this segment,  he shares his thoughts on the films he’s watched recently and his thoughts on the Best Actress controversy involving Andrea Riseborough, Danielle Deadwyler, and Viola Davis.

1. Ticket to Paradise – (1 out of 5) – As a supporter for the cinematic experience, hearing this film made 150 million dollars is a sign of hope that people will give something a chance that doesn’t involve superheroes or any other big budget franchises. That said, this must be one the laziest films I have seen come out in a while. The premise, that would’ve been lower tier during the hay day of romantic comedies, finds two likable actors, playing two of the most unlikable people I’ve watched in a while. Clooney and Roberts are sleepwalking through this thing and none of has the spark or wit to change it from being a bottom feeder of a film.

2. Bullet Train – (1.5 out of 5) – The cast is to die for, and even the performances are decent, but that isn’t enough to make this thing work. It is completely style over substance, with it borrowing from many better films that came before it. It also reaches Fast and the Furious levels of stupidity at points.

3. Empire of Light – (3.5 out of 5) – Sam Mendes follows up 1917 with a quiet tale about the personal happenings at a England cinema. Olivia Colman shines as one of patrons with a checkered past who befriends a new employee, an impressive Michael Ward, during the 1980s. Equally as impressive are the talents behind the camera, which include a gentle score by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. The real treat here is legendary cinematographer Roger Deakins giving this movie the umph that it lacks at points.

4. The Menu – (3.5 out of 5) – You won’t know which way this film will go until the final minutes. It is a biting satire about the lifestyles of the rich and spoiled being interrupted by one famous chef with a both a flair from showmanship and a death wish. The cast is fantastic, with Ana Taylor Joy keeping pace with the legendary Ralph Fiennes.

5. Till – (4 out of 5) – Danielle Deadwyler puts on a hell of a performance as the mother of Emmitt Till, who fought, in honor of her son, for the abolishment of lynching in the south, and other civil justices. The movie doesn’t put rose-colored glasses on the extreme horror of the tragedy, even recreating, in horrific detail, the body of the young son. It is raw, truthful, and respectful of a family who went through hell.

6. The Woman King – (4.5 out of 5) – A piece of African history is given the big screen treatment with solid results. Viola Davis is fierce as hell in this one as the leader of woman warriors trying to gain freedom in their own territory. The movie becomes layered when a secret from the woman warrior’s past comes front and center. The fighting scenes are all done practically and with precise expertise. It is refreshing to see stunts of this level back in film again. One can only hope it starts a trend.

7. Glass Onion – (4.5 out of 5) – The second film in Rian Johnson’s detective stories featuring Benoit Blanc. Daniel Craig is having the time of his life playing the sleuth, with an opportunity to deepen his character since the first adventure. The supporting cast are all great, with a standout performance from Janelle Monae. It is beautifully directed, smartly written, and a blast to unravel. Bring on number 3!

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