Top Ten Worst Movies of 2021

Kevin Muller shares his list for the worst films of 2021.

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10. Space Jam 2

As always, my number 10 spot is reserved for a film that wasn’t terrible but one that was more of a letdown. My unpopular opinion is that James isn’t half bad as the lead of this entry.  As seen in 2015’s “Trainwreck,” James has a good sense of comic timing. That is seen here when he interacts with the Looney Tunes, but he is plopped in the middle of film that is overproduced and terribly written. Plus, it doesn’t even take place in space.  What kind of bullshit is that?!

9. John and the Hole

With countless film festivals, there are films that get noticed and achieve greatness, like current Best Picture winner “Coda,” but there’s a lot of garbage that is emerges too. Here, we have a film that has one of the most unlikable, dull, and annoying characters to grace the screen in some time. This isn’t to say you can’t write a morally bankrupt character, but at least make them charming.    Director Pascual Sisto, bringing to life Nicolas Giacobone’s script, creates a film with as much grace and personality as its title character. It tries to present a deep message about a spoiled and broken boy trying to figure out life. Instead, it is pseudo-intellectual hogwash that has its head up its own ass.

8. Antlers

Every director has a smudge of their resume. Scott Cooper is a talented film maker who has given us some interesting projects since coming on the scene with 2009’s “Crazy Heart,” which led Jeff Bridges to his long -waited Oscar. His 2017 film “Hostiles” was a dark western that contained rough scenes of violence.  Who better to handle a horror film that is based on the folklore legend of the Wendigo? Despite the gore and violence being up to snuff, the film’s 99 minutes run time moves at a glacier like pace.   As with the surrounding scenery, everything feels so flat and uninteresting. Keri Russell and Jesse Plemons are completely wasted here as the film’s two leads. The character development is shoddy, and there are so many plot holes here too.   

7. Old

One of the most inconsistent directors delivered another bomb this year. M. Night Shyamalan’s career has been one that’s been hot and cold. When he is on, his fantastical scenarios can hammer home the layered themes of his films. When it doesn’t work, it just comes off as ridiculous. Unfortunately, this was the latter. The cast is doing their best, but they couldn’t handle the out of left field scenarios that they were put in with each passing scene.

6.  Red Notice

20 years ago, a film like this would’ve been carefully constructed, hyped, and well executed. This film feels like a product. Great action films have a sense of danger, thrills, and adventure. This one doesn’t. Sure, there are some exotic locations, but it all feels stale. I love Ryan Reynolds, but he completely overdoes it here.   There is no denying that he has fantastic sense of comedic timing, but when your character is nothing but quips, it gets tiring.  

5. Tom and Jerry

These two characters deserved better than this misfire. I guarantee every animator has been influenced somehow by this legendary duo. First off, it amazes me how a film from 33 years ago, “Who Framed Roger Rabbit,” pulled off the cartoons in the real-world style better than recent attempts. In this film, our animated friends are so poorly placed into every unfunny scene.   It is obvious that the actors are reacting to nothing. You know what else should have been obvious? That a full-length feature film, based upon two characters that don’t speak, would then make the audience rely on a story, and characters, that are for the birds.

4. Godzilla Vs Kong

What started off as an interesting take of these characters has just gone off the deep end into a brainless, loud, and grating film, reminiscent of Michael Bay’s later “Transformers” films.  Everyone outside the two headliners are just cutouts in the worst way. Look, I am fully aware that this is a dumb action movie, but at least try to give something to these actors. Unfortunately, when the two aren’t fighting, you’ll be constantly checking your watch until they come back.

3. Mortal Kombat

Finally, after 29 years of waiting, we got a proper adaptation with all the blood, gore, and violence that has made this series legendary. It was amazing to see people getting sliced in half, dismembered, and killed in interesting ways. Unfortunately, like “Godzilla vs Kong,” everything outside of it was shit. For all the cheesiness that the 1995 version contains, it had heart and decent performances. I won’t defend the 1997 sequel, the 2021 one is even better than that garbage, but that doesn’t protect it from criticism. First off, if you are going to create a character, who is not in the lore, make him charismatic and interesting. As matter of fact, besides Kano, they are all bad and the story isn’t really about the tournament at all. Why do filmmakers not take something that is served to you in a silver plate? Hopefully, they learned from their mistakes when the sequel drops because this thing was a hit.

2.  The Women in the Window

Luckily, this one was pigeonholed into an early March 2021 release date, so no one remembers the utter crappiness of it all.   Amy Adams needs a new agent. She has been in a funk lately, taking projects that feed into the naïve and hysterical nature she does so well. Each year I always point out an actress who thinks if she wears less makeup and acts hysterical, it will work. Nope, it is one of the many problems with this film. The most shocking thing here is that the cast and crew are fully respected. Director Joe Wright, who somewhat redeemed himself, with the help of Peter Dinklage, later in the year with “Cyrano,” directs this thriller with such clumsiness. It is all over the place as far as the narrative is concerned. The script is the mess as well. This is one of those movies that has such a terrible killer reveal too. I couldn’t hold a straight face at the scene chewing that the performer did with the upmost seriousness

1.  Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City

I never thought I would miss Paul W.S. Anderson’s adaptations. I am serious, it is really messing with me. When this movie was in development, it was promised to be a more faithful adaptation to the beloved series. Yes, there are some shots that reflect the game’s settings but none of it has the atmosphere. All of it looks cheap. Horror films are easily churned out due to the inexpensiveness of the genre. A good production will be able to pull out the best elements and make something with limited cash.  This film is uninspiring and bland. The actors are all terrible, with Neil McDonough clearly collecting a paycheck. For people who have never played the games, you can feel so much story condensed into one big shit sandwich. For those who have played the games, as I have, it is a gigantic slap in the face.

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