Review – Hit-Girl : Season 2 (2019)

by Bob Ward

Ok, so I have to admit something, I love Kevin Smith! I love all  his movies (except Jersey Girl)  his comics have been hit or miss for me, while his Batman Stories have been great, his run on Green Hornet just left me a little, lets say deflated. So this comic is one of the better ones, which I was truly worried about, as I loved the comics Kick-Ass and it sequels. Hit-Girl season 2 has a bunch of stuff to make fans of the comics and movies happy.

Hit-Girl (Mindy) is going to Hollywood. Filmmakers are going to make a motion picture based on the events that were her life, her triumph, and more importantly her tragedy. When she arrives, she goes on a tour of the studio who is making the film. They even bring the tour to where they are filming their newest hit starring “Juniper Florence” (Not hard to see where he was going with this but it made me giggle). Mindy sees a scene about to film…now I’m going to pause for a moment. The Kick-Ass movie that came out did take creative liberties with how Big Daddy ( Hit-Girls dad) was killed, but it makes sense in the next part. So, like I was saying they are watching the filming of the scene where Big Daddy dies, but its the version we all saw in the movie. Mindy watches this scene unfold where he is shot damn near point blank in the head, which Mindy wasn’t ready to see.

This all leads to a cut away where a young actress is trying audition for a role, but the casting director has a different idea of what the tryout should include. “Mister Brothsteen” stands in front of the actress without pants on. She’s not into this and Brothsteen decides that he’s not taking no for an answer. Lights cut out and a female figure is seen standing in the shadows. Her side kick “The Super Agent” comes out and it’s Hit-Girl, however, she doesn’t call herself that. She calls herself “The Dick Taker” as she…well shows him why she’s called that, she shows what would be wings, made up of others… know.

Sidenote: I loved this detail, Harvey Weinstein helped Mr. Smith’s film career get off the ground. His company had pushed Smith’s indy feel movies into the mainstream. After the allegations and everything that came out about him, Smith felt guilty of saying how great the man was, and vowed to give the royalties of the films that Harvey put out to a woman’s shelter. So, I love that Kevin did on paper, what so many people wanted to do in real life.

Image result for hit girl season 2

Ok, so that’s all in the first issue. I normally give a vague, no detail summary  of what happens throughout a story, but this is only four issues. I wanted to tell you a decent part of the first issue, because the bar sets itself high and the series delivers, for the most part.

I’ll say again, I LOVE Kevin Smith and I loved all 3 Kick-Ass arcs, but as much as I loved the series, it fell a tad flat. I’m not sure what I was hoping for, it was just I wanted something more.

Pernille Orum’s art is amazing, and not what you’d expect for a story like this, which was refreshing.

I’ll give Hit-Girl Season 2 a 3.5 out of 5 Hairpieces!

Writer: Kevin Smith

Artist: Pernille Orum

4 Issue Mini Series (Trade not yet available)

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