Cinephellas Podcast – Episode 10 (Interview with Bobby V.)

Bobby V. :  The Most Positive Man in Comedy

By Christopher M. Rzigalinski

On today’s episode of the Cinephellas podcast we’ve got my conversation with Bobby Venetz, known by his stage name Bobby V. He’s an up-and-coming stand up comedian in the Los Angeles area that performs regularly with the Rebels of Comedy revue organized by another insanely funny man that you’ve seen on shows like Comics Unleashed, TK Matteson.

You know, we talk to a lot of filmmakers, writers, and performers about so many projects on this podcast, but another great opportunity we have is to talk with artists on the rise that are right on the verge of hitting their strides. Bobby V.’s only been performing stand up for about a year, but he’s already generating a buzz. He just scored his first slot performing at the legendary Ice House in Pasadena on June 24th. Not only is he a hilarious comedian, but he’s one of the most level-headed human beings I’ve had the privilege to know. It’s hard to find a genuine, emotionally intelligent person in Los Angeles, but he’s definitely one of them. You can connect with Bobby V on Facebook at Bobby V. Comedy, on Instagram with the handle @bobbyv, and he’ll be on Twitter soon. He promised.

Sit back, relax and have a listen to my conversation with Bobby about how he got started in comedy, how it’s changed his life, and the ways we can all be a little more positive.



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