‘IT’ Trailer 2 Reaction!

by Kevin Muller

The second trailer, or clip, has arrived for the anticipated new adaptation of Stephen King’s horror masterpiece.    This one definitely has more footage than I expected, hell, it basically is a new miniature trailer.  Let’s see what we got this time.

We hear Stan, standing in front of the attendees at his synagogue, talking about how children are supposed to be protected and how the unprotected ones become prey to evil.   Accompanying this speech we see footage of a missing person’s photo along with an image of a very seedy looking adult.  This gives of the feeling that Muschetti will indeed include how Pennywise’s presence does bring out the worst in the town.  It is something that the mini-series didn’t really talk about.  Readers of the novel know that Pennywise casts a very negative energy amongst the residents that definitely influences them to do evil acts.

After we see a few shots of the Losers’ Club bonding, including the famous rock fight vs Bowers’ Gang,  we are then treated to a scene at the entrance of the sewers.  It is here where we get a glimpse of the personalities of the four characters.  Bill, still with no stutter, which I think will be in it, but not overly done, fearlessly looks around a disgusting sewer for something.  As his search carries on, Eddie and Stan wait at the entrance, not wanting to come in.  It is here where we see Wolfhard really shine as Tozier.   Eddie’s pleas of the sewer being dirty and how they are basically walking around in a giant toilet bowl are mocked by Tozier.   Eddie’s fast talking and uptight energy is perfectly on display here, as is Stan’s stoic nature.   We get a good back and forth between the cautious Eddie and the wise cracking Richie, who even gives us a funny Spanish accent.  Bill then stops the banter with the discovery of a shoe belonging to one of the missing children in Derry.

After a montage of some of the children looking fearful, we see a further out shot of Pennywise with the balloon in front of his face.  Only this time, we see the balloon that is the bottom part of an upside down triangle.  Where the first trailer stopped before his face is unveiled, here we get to see him staring straight at Eddie.  Then, abruptly, the footage ends.

Even though we didn’t get to hear Pennywise talk, still just that little laugh, there were other things to definitely take away from this trailer.   Unlike the 1990 version, Beverly is definitely the alpha female with a heart of gold. Bev in the original seemed very fragile, even when she has her moments. This Bev just carries herself with more confidence.   In the rocking throwing scene, she is front and center defending her friends.  There is also a shot of her jumping off a cliff while the boys watch.   She still retains some femininity, as seen  by the flattered smile she gives Bill when he says they like hanging with her.   Bev is definitely one of the most important characters they have to nail and it looks like we will be getting character that honors the novel.

One thing that did not sit well with me is how computer-generated those balloons looked.  It is a minor issue that makes me hope that the production team is still ironing them out.   In my opinion, it would’ve been better to have Pennywise holding actual balloons in the shape that they appeared in the trailer.  It would also be nice to see another side of Pennywise, which I think they will show in the final trailer, because the character is frightening as hell in the way he manipulates you before going in for the kill.  I have said many times that this interpretation will be one that will haunt the dreams of its audience.  I loved Tim Curry, I am not going to be one of these people who just ignore how much he elevated the original mini-series, but I was never scared of him.  Maybe it is because I am not afraid of clowns, but his constant humor made him less frightening than he is in the book.   If Skarsgard is going for what I think he is, I feel he is going to stick in our minds way after the movie ends.   We are going to understand the horror the adult versions of the characters, especially Stan, feel when they have to go back.   Skarsgard has said that Pennywise is like an animal in terms that he loves the hunt and kill aspect he puts his prey through.   I hope that Pennywise doesn’t lack personality and is just a killing machine.   He should be joking about stuff that isn’t supposed to be funny.   This could really work well if the child like character traits that Skarsgard said he put into the character come through.  There is one picture, that was originally leaked in black and white, then released in full color, where one of the kids, is being held up by the clown.   It looks like the clown is screaming in agony.  People have suggested that he is in pain.  What if though he is mocking the fear of the unfortunate loser he has in his grip?   Skarsgard has his eyes rolled back in his head.   Here is another question, what if that is a shot that will have effects in it?  That Pennywise’s eyes are spinning or anything else that would make him mockingly scream at you even more frightening.

I hear the final trailer will be released in July at Comic-Con.   I understand that they don’t want to show that much of him, since he really isn’t in that much of the novel, but they have to show us something that shows off either the physical performance and what he sounds like!  It is the final piece of, what seems to be, both a worthy adaptation and horror film.  I know I pointed out negatives, but this could’ve been so much worse.   I think we are going to get something incredibly messed up, memorable, and frightening come September.



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