Cinephellas Podcast-Episode 3 (Veronica Ferres Interview)

The Heart of the Matter:  An Interview with Veronica Ferres

by Chris Rzigalinski

Veronica Ferres is an artist that uses her acting talents to find the essential values of each character she plays. Despite massive popularity in her native Germany that Newsweek magazine once compared to that of Sharon Stone’s in America, Veronica moved to Hollywood and takes on the leading role in Werner Herzog’s latest film, Salt and Fire, out on VOD platforms and iTunes April 4th and in theaters April 7th. In Herzog’s adaptation of Tom Bissell’s Pushcart Prize-nominated short story, “Aral,” Veronica plays “Laura,” an international scientist thrust against her will into a role where she has to make sense of an ecological disaster in Bolivia caused by a misguided CEO, portrayed with intensity by Michael Shannon. “Laura” is forced to confront the lines between quantifiable data and human empathy in order to save her own life and possibly the entire world. I talked with Veronica about the film’s power to begin conversations about environmental justice, being a muse for the legendary Herzog, and finding hope in times of desperation.



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