Sweet Christmas! Marvel and Netflix Have Done it Again With Luke Cage!


by Nile Fortner

Netflix has been on the role with shows like Jessica Jones, and Daredevil, but ever since the trailer for Luke Cage came out, the general reaction was nothing but joy. Now I know I may be late to the party, because a huge majority of people already seen the whole series. On the other hand, I took my time to watch it and enjoy it. Now if you have been sleeping on Marvel and or Luke Cage, you need to certainly wake up! Netflix’s Season one of Marvel’s Luke Cage is one of the best things Netflix has done!

 Luke Cage a.k.a. Power Man first debuted in the Marvel comics in 1972, the New York City-based African American superhero with super strength and unbreakable skin was very much of his time. As the civil rights movement stepped onto a new stage, Blaxploitation movies like Superfly and Shaft snagged big box office and America’s cities slid further into decline. Luke Cage was a hero for all people. He is cool, entertaining, and most important of all, even though he is just a comic book character he is relatable to all people. The show does a well-done job of making Luke Cage come off as a real life superhero in the real world. Even though this show is part of the Cinematic Universe Marvel has created, that features a green monster, pretty boy with blonde hair and a hammer, and old guy with a shield. (Yes, they make remarks about our favorite heroes).

Now this series is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. On the other hand, it offers something new, fresh, original, drama, funny, and very stylish. The look of the show is amazing. Everything from the lighting and cinematography are so well done. You forget you are watching a television show and not a big budget superhero film.

Also, this series is heavily inspired by blaxploitation films. However, it is a serious and modern take on the blaxploitation genre. For instance, the first thing you will notice that is inspired by blaxploitation films is the soundtrack. It is an amazing soundtrack, that I would love to buy. It is the classic blaxploitation type music, it is soul, Jazz, funk, old school rap, R&B, and they got all that together and they Wu –Tanged it up. Method Man (The Wu-Tang Clan) and Ali Shaheed Muhammad (A Tribe Called Quest) make up the primary music for the show, and the music is one of the best assets to the show! I also found this to be a cool Easter egg. Every episode name is named after a song by rapper Gang Starr.

Is The Weakest Part Of Luke Cage, Luke Cage?

The cast does an amazing job, and they are really setting up the Marvel team The Defenders up nicely. I might be looking too far into things. No spoilers here, but at the end of the show, someone mentions that they know a good lawyer. Maybe the good lawyer is Matt Murdock better known as Daredevil? Some food for thought?

Mike Coulter plays Luke Cage in this series, and to be honest I just thought he was okay. I would love to see the character evolve into the character he is in the comics. A character that has more steez in his step (style with ease), swagger, and more of that blaxploitation style of characters like Shaft and Dolemite that comic book fans have seen before. For years I thought actor, Terry Crews (The Expendables, Brooklyn 99) would be the perfect Luke Cage. Nevertheless, Mike Coulter does a good job as well. For instance, even though nothing really hurts the him physically, he can be broken spiritually and mentally. For example, the way people treat him, his family, and environment. The series does a good job of making him feel like a real person with emotions, than an actual plain-jane superhero.

My only complaint with the series would be the villains. The villains come off a little cheesy and second rate.


So these are my final Bitchin’ Buddha thoughts on Netflix’s and Marvel’s Luke Cage Season 1. Sweet Christmas it is great, has a heartfelt message for the youth of today, and I believe everyone will enjoy it! The villains come off a little bland, especially Diamondback. But, I have more praise than problems. I believe season one of Luke Cage earns a…

4 out of 5 Hairpieces


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