Review – Sausage Party


by Taylor Lunsford

It is not often that we as an audience get an R rated animated film in theaters. Studios are typically hesitant when one of these films gets thrown on their desk, and it takes an incredibly strong pitch for them to see the light of day. This is why the trailer for Sausage Party seemed like a breath of fresh air when it was released a few months ago. It seemed like a wholly original and potentially shocking film. After finally seeing Sausage Party, this writer can certainly say it is a unique and shocking film, just not in a positive way.

This writer can say that he has honestly never seen anything remotely like Sausage Party; however, while this is refreshing in most cases, it quickly becomes incredibly annoying in this particular case. This writer is by no means a fan of political films, but Sausage Party is crude purely for the sake of being crude. If this film was not contrived from Seth Rogen and pals sitting around, doing hard drugs, and seeing how far they could take this concept, this writer would be completely dumbfounded by how anyone could think this was humorous. The plot is minimal, and it becomes difficult to sit through after the opening act. This film is just one stupid joke piled on top of the previous stupid joke.
All of this does not even begin to describe the obvious racism and sexism that is prominently featured in this movie. This writer again wants to point out that he is by no means “PC,” but the blatant racism is not clever in any way and plays off obvious stereotypes. Every time one of the “jokes” occurs, it elicits more of an eye roll than a laugh.

To be completely fair, the audience this writer saw this with seemed to enjoy the film, so there may be an audience out there who will enjoy it. It did have a two or three laugh out loud moments, including a musical number featuring a very prominent piece of meat that made this writer chuckle. If nothing else, the film will create conversation for those who have seen it and may become a cult classic once it is released on home video.
This writer cannot recommend Sausage Party based on his experience, and he could not help but think of the characters in Mike Judge’s brilliant Idiocracy, while he was watching the film. While original in every way, it did not have enough of a story to be entertaining and appeared to be a means for Seth Rogen to see what he could get away with. Proceed with caution and do not see this with the faint of heart.


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