Wonder Woman in the Sky!

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and Intel celebrated the home entertainment release of Wonder Woman with an electronic illuminated art show powered by 300 Intel drones showcasing imagery related to the box office blockbuster. With the Los Angeles skyline acting as a backdrop, the Intel drones performed a dazzling futuristic light show in choreographed formation in the night sky set to a live performance by celebrated cellist, Tina Guo.

Patty Jenkins, Chuck Roven, Richard Suckle, Eugene Brave Rock, Jessie Graff and more were in attendance.

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Cinephellas Podcast – Episode 18 (Interview with Nicholas Bushman)

Playing and Praying for Life: A Conversation with Nicholas Bushman

By Christopher M. Rzigalinski

On this edition of the Cinephellas Podcast I’m chatting with director Nicholas Bushman about the DVD and Blu Ray releases of his movie Union Furnace, both out on August 15th. Union Furnace tells the story of Cody, a small-town criminal, played by Mike Dwyer, with little going for him. After crashing a stolen car, the mysterious Lion, played by the brilliantly sadistically Seth Hammond, offers Cody the chance for financial security and a way out of their small Ohio town. The only condition is that Cody must win an 8 round life or death competition against other town misfits. Only by avoiding death can he begin living.

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