Seven with Kevin – Oscar Nominated Film Reviews (2023)

Kevin is back with a new segment called “Se7en with Kevin,” where he reviews the last seven movies he has watched. In this segment, he looks at six international films and an American one that has been causing controversy during this Oscar season. You can check out both the written and video reviews below.

Se7en with Kevin

1. To Leslie (3.5 out of 5) – Forget all the drama you’ve heard about Andrea Riseborough’s nomination and check out this film about a lotto winner who threw it all away. The film’s plot has been done before, but the lead actress adds a little extra. She isn’t taking it away from Yeoh or Blanchett, but it is nice to see an actress whose been consistently reliable, get her time in the spotlight.

2. Happening (4 out of 5) – In this French import, a young girl must risk, not only her life, but possible jail time in search of a way to get rid of her unwanted child. Sure, pro-lifers won’t even bother, but this is a an unforgettable ride that has imagery that you won’t forget. Anamarie Vartolomei is excellent as the lead who goes to any length to complete her mission.

3. Piggy (4 out of 5) – For young Sara, whose mockingly called by the film’s title, adolescence is hell. The clique of popular girls, who endlessly torment her, are kidnapped by a mysterious assailant. Sara must race against time to find the girls before the police find out she was the last one to see them. What will happen once she finds them? Will she help them or fall to the revenge fantasy of letting them pay? Laura Galan, who plays the conflicted Sara, is fantastic, especially during the tense final minutes of the film. Equally as worthy is her mother, played by Carmen Machi.

4. Triangle of Sadness (4 out of 5) – The winner of the Palm D’Or is a biting satire on the rich. The Swedish film, also nominated for Best Picture, asks the question, what happens when the power is shifted from the rich to the working class? Charlbi Dean, who sadly passed away shortly after the film’s release, rounds out an impressive cast that includes Woody Harrelson.

5. RRR (4.5 out of 5) – The word epic isn’t enough to describe the fictitious account of 2 real life India liberators. Though the 2 are treated like Captain America and Iron Man with the two withstanding gunshots, stabbings, and possessing super hero strength, the film has a big heart. You can feel the creativity popping out from this thing. The friendship between the two is well written and performed. The movie is nominated for best song, and if they bring half the energy to the Oscar performance, prepare for the house to come down.

6. All Quiet on the West Front (4.5 out of 5) – Another adaptation from the World War 1 novel that has young German soldiers front and center. Any type of romanticism is washed away here with a film that is brutal, raw, and unrelenting. Even though it is a tough watch, it is a beautifully directed piece of cinema.

7. Decision to Leave (5 out of 5) – Park Chan Wook’s new film is one for the ages. Here, a
detective must solve the case of a murdered husband, but soon falls for the case’s number one suspect…the wife. Wook’s direction is flawless as he takes us through a Hitchcockian mystery that is wonderfully written and beautifully filmed. It is a shame that this did not get a cinematography nomination since it is the most picturesque film I’ve seen in a long time.

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