Cinephellas Podcast – Episode 147 (Down with the Phellas)

It’s our 1000th video! We want to thank everyone for your support for the past six years since our first video was posted back in 2016. We love sharing our love of entertainment with you all. Thank you for subscribing and for your continued support. Cheers to the next 1000!

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The Justin Long episode or just Armando Vanegas’ response to horror movie nonsense?

Another episode where those ‘Phellas got wild on Episode 147 of the Cinephellas Podcast . On this episode, the CinePhellas discuss a variety of movies, television topics, trends and more such as…

• Annoying Movie Cliches

• Worst Period/Era in Horror Movie History

• Best Horror Movies of the Year So Far

• Underrated Comedies of the 2000s And More on Episode 147 of The CinePhellas Podcast!

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