Review – Child’s Play (2019)

by Nile Fortner

In 2019, the horror icon Chucky stars in this 2019 reboot movie and an upcoming SyFy network television series that connects to the original series. This is because two different studios (Orion Pictures and Universal) are battling for the rights of the franchise and character. However, this reimagining of Child’s Play is how you do a reimagining, reboot, etc.

The 2019 version of Child’s Play is playful, funny, and it brings a fresh feel to the franchise. Brian Tyree Henry, Aubrey Plaza, and Mark Hamill (the new voice of Chucky) all do very well in their roles. Plaza is still funny and she is being her usual self. Chucky has been upgraded and I like the idea of Chucky meets The Terminator meets another old school film, Small Soldiers. The film feels a little slow and cheesy at the beginning. But it really picks up after the first 30 minutes or so. The film has a message on technology usage and at times it can feel a little all over the place. But it has a retro slasher feel to it, but told with a new tone. There is also a scene towards the end that feels like it is right out of the other studios’ Chucky film called, The Cult of Chucky. If this isn’t enough killer doll action for you, then Annabelle Comes Home hits cinemas next week. But at least Chucky has always put in the work, unlike Annabelle who just sits her evil wooden ass in a rocking chair. Overall, I like this just as much as the 1988 original Child’s Play and I’m excited to see what both studios do with Chucky.

I am giving Child’s Play a 4 out of 5 Hairpieces!

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