Review – Farmhand TPB Volume 1: Reap What Was Sown (2019)

by Bob Ward

What would happen if there was a way to grow organs and other body parts instead of waiting for a donor? In Rob Guillory’s latest project Farmhand, we get a look into that world. This starts with a farmer (Jedidah) who creates a plant that eliminates the need to wait for transplants to help individuals in need, grow them. Jedidah grows almost everything including arms on a tree. Jedidah’s son Ezekiel and him have a fall out and the issue starts with Ezekiel returning to his hometown to reluctantly join the family business.

Now the story gets interesting, it seems like every government wants to get their hands on Jedidah’s secret seed in hopes to gain access to this amazing advancement in modern “medicine.” Jedidah comes off as a carefree farmer that will do anything for the betterment of humanity, but in private, the true side of him is anything but. He is a man filled with secrets, ulterior motives and worst of all, he’s getting desperate to keep the facade up.

I am giving Farmhand, Vol 1:  Reap What Was Sown a 4 out of 5 Hairpieces!

Writer & Artist: Rob Guillory

Rob Guillory is a creative genius and is a co-creator of the award winning comic Chew (another must read).


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