Kevin is excited for IT!


by Kevin Muller

It was a hot day in the summer of 1994.  I was eleven years old and enjoying  being off from school for the entire summer.  God, I miss those days when summer was vacant of responsibility and work.  That day, my friends and I had just finished playing a short game of roller hockey, due to the extreme heat.   My friend Brad, whose house we were playing in front of, mentioned a movie that his brother and his friends had seen the previous weekend.   It was about a clown and was written by an author I had heard my older cousins talk about at numerous family gatherings.    Brad’s brother had it on VHS, where he recorded it off the television.  He had the brilliant idea to cut the commercials out too.   His brother was at work, so we decided to check out “IT.”

This is where my love affair with this story started.   All six of us teenage boys were glued to the television set for three hours.   We all had different likes and personalities, so this was also my first taste of how amazing art can reach many different kinds of people.   We talked about the movie after we watched it and were all surprised how scary it was for something that was broadcast on one of the major networks.  I showed everyone I knew that movie and about 98% of them loved it.  I think one of the most powerful parts of it was the relationship between the characters as children.  It is the glue that held the story together.

I tried to read the book but the size of it intimated my 14 year old self so I quickly gave up after 200 pages.   Plus, I saw the movie, how much could the novel impress me?   My ignorance would bite me in the ass years later when I read through it with a much more mature mind.  The television series didn’t even scratch the surface of what made the novel so special.   There was such a rich history of Derry that wasn’t talked about.

When I found out they were going to make an R rated version of the book, in two parts, that would be directed by Cary Fukanaga, it was a great day for me as a fan and a movie geek.  The pairing was brilliant, based on Cary’s work on “True Detective.”  The guy understood atmosphere and how true horror is psychological.   I was on board with Poulter being Pennywise as well.   Soon after, it all fell apart and it seemed to be the end of my dream to see this story on the big screen.  

Then, something happened, it started to pick up again with a new director and new Pennywise.  It was going to actually going to happen!   Folks, I haven’t been this excited for a film since I waited three years for “The Dark Knight.”    One of my friends is a big fan of horror so we agreed to read the novel, my second time, her first, see the old mini-series, then be there opening night come September 8.   I will be sharing my opinion of everything and anything released for this thing concluding with my review.  Hey, I could walk out of the theater that night and think this was all a waste of time.  On the other hand, I could be on cloud 9.   We shall see.   I hope you enjoy the reports and opinions I will be sharing with all of you from now until we first see those yellow eyes pop up from the depths of Derry’s sewers.


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