EXCLUSIVE: Logan chats with horror legend Bill Moseley!


It’s rare these days to find a talented actor that has been in the movie industry for over thirty years and still stabbing his way through the horror genre, sort of speak. If you have lived in a bubble and never experienced any cult films such as House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil’s Rejects, Repo! The Genetic Opera, and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, then you have NOT lived! I have been an avid convention attendee since 2006 and have had the pleasure of speaking/running into Bill Moseley many times over the years, including in the men’s bathroom. From the characters in his films, you would think Mr. Moseley is a nut job waiting to snap, but he’s the complete opposite. He is a down to earth fellow that is also a music composer, character actor, and dedicated man to film making.

I had the chance to catch up with one of my favorite actors that also grew up in the Chicagoland area and talk about his newest role in The Possession Experiment.

Cinephellas: The man, the myth, the legend Bill Moseley. Hi, Bill. How are you today?

Bill Moseley: Good Logan, what’s going on?

CP: Not too much, I just checked out the Possession Experiment and really loved the shit out of it.

BM: Alright!

CP: I am a huge fan of your work and met you numerous times at Horrorhound, Days of the Dead, and Flashback weekend conventions over the years.

BM: It’s so funny, I just got a hoodie from Dream Reapers, the haunted house out of Chicago. They have been out of business for a couple years, but one of the owners was here at the convention and remembered that I lost my hoodie, or I gave it to my kid.

CP: Are you at a convention this weekend?

BM: I am actually down here in Orlando at the Spooky Empire Horror Convention.

CP: I actually have a Chop Top poster you signed hanging in my office that says “Lick my plate you dog dick.”


CP: I hold that poster close to my heart, hahaha.

BM: Yes, man, well every dog will hunt.

CP: So first of all, I had some questions about Possession Experiment. What drew you to this theological type of horror film?

BM: Well these are scary times, I don’t know if you have noticed. With ebola, zika, ISIS, Trump, and Clinton. There’s a lot of scary stuff going on including Putin and it all makes me nervous.  A lot of the times with horror films is an important part of American culture and it provides morality.  What it all boils down to is a priest vs. the devil or good vs. evil which simplifies things. We’re led to believe that good triumphs over evil eventually, but in this case, it’s not true.


CP: Well 2016 is a real life horror movie.

BM: It really is and it’s not necessarily getting any better and it’s good that we have the Possession Experiment, haha.

CP: All right. So I have to ask what it was like playing a priest, Father Mark Campbell in the Possession Experiment?

BM: It’s a cool part and I got to channel my inner Max Von Sydow. I am a big fan of The Exorcist and who wouldn’t want to play that role? Especially with the girl rising from the cable and you know it’s not quite Linda Blair with her head spinning, but by golly it’s pretty darn good.

CP: Did you have to do any extensive research on exorcisms? Perhaps watching the original Exorcist film to get into the mindset of the character.

BM: I did and I am going to giveaway one of my deep acting secrets. I looked at the role as the Bears vs. the Packers.  I grew up outside of Chicago in Barrington and grew up as a Bears fan, and still am till this day. That’s one of the oldest and best rivalries in the NFL and of course brought that spirit into the priest vs. the devil. What’s interesting about the part, we presume this exorcist has been going on for ages, not weeks, so every day is the same old thing with the holy water and crucifix. The idea is that this is a marathon and not a sprint. We are going to wear out the devil and drive out the devil. And as we have seen, it doesn’t work out that way.

CP: It seems like there is craze for this genre today with the Exorcist TV show on Fox and assorted movies hitting theaters.  Why do you think that is?

BM: Well again, The Exorcist is a hell of a movie. The problem is the world is so crazy, threatening, and frightening now. It’s very hard to make sense of why things are the way that they are. A couple of years ago things were on a decent path and going in a good direction. But this year there were shootings in Orlando and abroad, and people are excited to take their mind off of it with exorcisms, movies, and TV shows like Ash vs. the Evil Dead.

CP: Ash Vs. Evil Dead is a very popular show with ole Bruce Campbell.

BM: Yep, I actually played the Captain of the Dead in Army of Darkness. I was covered in ten pounds of rubber and I wore a scleral lens, so it was hard to recognize me. One eye had a scleral lens and the other was covered with an eye patch, so it made riding a horse really tough.  But I was really grateful for that opportunity.

CP: It’s one of my favorite films of the Evil Dead series.  Have they talked about casting you in the Ash Vs. Evil Dead series?

BM: I don’t know what they are thinking and haven’t heard anything, but I would be game!

CP: You have been a horror movie icon for many years and starred in many classics that don’t need any introduction.  Will you ever switch gears and star in a romantic comedy?

BC: Most of the stuff I do has a touch of comedy.  I think of Chop Top more as a clown than anything and with Otis, he has a really raw sense of humor. I always bring comedy to the characters I play when it makes sense. If I were in a comedy, that would make complete sense, and I would be all over that.

CP: Is there any chance of you working with Rob Zombie again and seeing the Firefly clan back together?

BC: Well that’s a question for Rob Zombie, but I would be down to return as Otis.  It’s funny, when Sid Haig and I do conventions, more recently it was at Days of The Dead in Schaumburg, Illinois. Someone came up to us at the booths, and asked if there will be a sequel to The Devil’s Rejects. I yelled out to Sid, “Will there be another Devil’s Rejects?” and he says “Nope.” Then I go “How Come?” Then we count together, 1,2,3, and in unison we yell “Because We’re Fucking Dead!” I don’t know if that would all work out. Hahaha.


Special thanks to Bill Moseley for taking the time to sit down with Cinephellas. We’re really excited about the release of Possession Experiment, as well as his upcoming projects!

The Possession Experiment is out now on Digital HD, On Demand, and DVD.

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