“Outatime: Saving The Delorean Time Machine” Debuts on July 19th!


It has been thirty years since the release of the beloved film Back to the Future,featuring the most iconic car in movie history, the DeLorean Time Machine.  While the film’s legacy has thrived over the years – the car itself wasn’t so lucky.  After decades of harsh weather, souvenir hunters and wild animals, the Time Machine seemed destined for the junkyard.

 OUTATIME: Saving the DeLorean Time Machine chronicles the efforts of Bob Gale, Universal Studios, and the film’s dedicated fan community as they work together to save this cinema icon. Together, they embark on the greatest movie prop restoration of all…time! OUTATIME will be available on Digital HD, DVD and VOD on July 19, 2016 courtesy of Virgil Films.   

To do the restoration right, Bob Gale made a historic choice. Instead of hiring a car company or prop house to restore the car, Mr. Gale brought in a group of Back to the Future super fans to tackle the restoration. By doing so, the Time Machine became the biggest fan-led prop restoration in movie studio history.  Joe Walser (Head of the Restoration) and his team of Time Machine experts had one singular goal – restore the car with 100% accuracy. Every bolt. Every detail. Exactly like it was in the movie. That kicked off an intense, year-long restoration. Grueling work and long hours pushed team members to their breaking point. Even so, their dedication never faltered. As Walser often said, “our pain is temporary, but the car will be perfect forever.”

Working closely with the Time Machine Restoration Team, filmmaker Steve Concotelli was granted exclusive behind-the-scenes access for the entire restoration process. Concotelli interviewed dozens of people involved with the project and the Back to the Future franchise – including Bob Gale, John Murdy, Michael Scheffe, Michael Lantieri, Claudia Wells, members of the Restoration Team, and more. The result is a fascinating look at the restoration of a movie icon.

About Joe Walser (Head of the Restoration)

Joe Walser has decades of film production experience under his belt having quickly worked his way up the ranks of the Art Department to Production Designer. His pet project to build himself a DeLorean Time Machine quickly became his passion. Joe’s realized goal was to build the first truly accurate DeLorean Time Machine replica. His first Time Machine is currently on display in a museum in Santiago, Chile. His second is the official car used by Universal Studios for all their official media projects.  Joe’s professional background, relentless quest for accuracy, and loyalty to the Back to the Future franchise made him the perfect candidate to head the screen-used, hero DeLorean Time Machine restoration project for Bob Gale and Universal Studios.

About Steve Concotelli (Producer/Director)

For over fifteen years, Steve has been committed to producing high quality television.  In that time, he worked every job in the industry – serving as a Writer, Camera Operator, Editor, Field Producer, Director, and ultimately Executive Producer.  Steve has helped create over 500 hours of television with content partners including Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures, Discovery Channel, TruTV, CMT, Spike, G4 and others.  In 2010, Steve founded Cricket Pictures, a boutique production company in Los Angeles. At Cricket, Steve and his team excel at finding unique on-camera talent and creating dynamic formats around them.

About Virgil Films

Virgil Films & Entertainment was founded in 2003 by Joe Amodei to acquire, market and distribute DVD, TV and Digital product in the theatrical feature film, documentaries, special interest and sports categories. The company has built partnerships with OWN, Sundance Channel Home Entertainment, National Geographic Cinema Ventures, Pure Flix Entertainment, MLB Productions, Morgan Spurlock’s Warrior Poets and other high-profile entertainment brands since their inception. Releases from Virgil Films & Entertainment include the Oscar-nominated documentary Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me; the award-winning documentary Miss Representation; the critically- acclaimed, timeless, best-selling Forks Over Knives and the Oscar-nominated documentary Restrepo and its sequel Korengal. They have also released the compelling I Am Chris FarleyA Brony Tale, Legends of the Knight and others. 

Follow them on twitter: @virgilfilms | www.VirgilFilmsEnt.com

Follow the film on twitter: @outoftime_movie | www.OUTATIMEmovie.com


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