Can You Smell What Universal Studios is Cooking?


by Logan Myerz

It’s rare to find a professional wrestler that hangs up the tights and makes a successful career in the movie industry. We have seen several failed attempts of wrestlers gone actors with films such as Suburban Commando and See No Evil.  But Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is in the 1% that have been very fortunate and showcased in almost every movie released these days.  If it’s not quirky comedies, then it’s top notch action flicks the reek of testosterone and in your face CGI. But the word on the streets is that Universal Studios have had their eye on Dwayne Johnson to play something out of his comfort zone which is none other than Lawrence Talbot, better known as The Wolfman. The kind lads at Deadline have reported there has been consistent whispers about bringing Mr. Johnson into the Universal Monster-Verse that is currently underway. The studio is rebooting the entire monster saga starting with Tom Cruise in The Mummy that is aimed for a June 9th, 2017 release. We have already seen the re-imagined Wolfman film back in 2010 starring Benicio Del Toro. That film received a really bad wrap for some odd reason, but I was one of the few fans that really enjoyed seeing Dr. Gonzo as a hairy lycan.  Only time will tell if these rumors are indeed true, but with the Rock’s current movie schedule and ten other films in the works over the next few years, it may be hard to pull this one off.   

The future of the Universal Monster franchise is quite exciting for horror fans around the world and will help rejuvenate the studio back to where it all began in the early days of film. Like all of you, I will be in the audience enjoying the new takes on all of these classic black and white characters that we grew up loving.

Starting in 2017, there will be a monster film released each year starting with The Mummy and another “mystery” creature feature aimed for it’s debut on April 13, 2018.


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