Hail to the Zordon!

zordon 1

by Logan Myerz

If you haven’t heard of Bryan Cranston over the past five years, you have likely been buried deep in the New Mexico desert. The rest of us know that he is on top of the world and an ‘A’ list celebrity that has perfected his craft in the film industry. His career has ranged from television and film over the past three decades and today was a HUGE day for Mr. Cranston. On the official Power Rangers Twitter Page, they announced the casting of Zordon. And of course the Internet went berserk.

Bryan is no amateur to the Saban Entertainment realm as he did some voiceover work on two villains (Snizard and Twinman) in the 90’s TV show long before he became the Heisenberg we all know and love. The Mighty Morphan Power Rangers was a pivotal part of my childhood and the casting of this film has been quite superb, but this casting announcement really sets the bar high for the film. The only cast member left is Zordon’s faithful droid Alpha 5, which has not been announced as of yet. Will Mr. Cranston rely on Walter White’s iconic shaved head to portray the galactic sage Zordon? I really hope so; seeing Bryan’s floating opaque noggin on the big screen is enough to the make film worth seeing. The film is scheduled to debut in theaters on March 24th, 2017. It’s Morphin Time!!!!!

Source: Twitter


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