Michael Myers is Coming Home with Blumhouse and John Carpenter


by Logan Myerz

If you have paid attention to the horror genre over the past ten years, you have probably been nodding off at the movie theaters during one of the god awful horror re-makes Hollywood has force fed us. But, once in a while, there is a film that is worth recognizing, and gives us a little hope for the genre. I am a huge horror movie fan and when I hear or read the word “remake,” I start to tune out the rest of the conversation.

We have been down “babysitter” lane in Haddonfield, Illinois one too many times, but this time it’s going back to the origins. Michael Myers is coming home, but this time Blumhouse Productions is co-producing and John Carpenter is on-board as executive producer! If you aren’t aware of Mr. Carpenter, he is the “godfather of horror” and it’s time to do some Halloween homework.

This is a huge deal for the Halloween franchise and if this is the direction they want to go with the film, I am 100% on-board, and intrigued to see where it goes. The Halloween franchise has always been my favorite series of the slasher genre and each new depiction stays away from the original John Carpenter theory. The “shape” stalked and killed anyone in his path, which doesn’t mean some popular rapper of the moment (Sorry Busta Rhymes and LL COOL J) going head to head with ole Mikey. The film has to follow the authentic, dark and traumatizing concepts that made the film stand out over the past forty years. Another honorable mention would be a driving score, which doesn’t mean remixing Carpenter’s Halloween theme, but using something similar that carries the tone of the movie.

Could this be yet another forgettable horror film or will Michael Myers define the genre once again? It’s hard to say 100% at this point, but if they keep the momentum going, there may be an extra Halloween treat in our bags during October, 2017.



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