Review – Firestarter (2022)

The wild pyrotechnicians are back to review the new horror film Firestarter from Blumhouse Productions. The movie is currently playing in theaters and streaming on Peacock.

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“A young girl tries to understand how she mysteriously gained the power to set things on fire with her mind.”

Review – Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates


by Armando Vanegas

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates is one of those movies I would’ve loved when I was younger and it was playing on Comedy Central on a rainy Sunday afternoon. It knows what it is and sometimes that’s good enough. It even has a really dependable cast for the most part and they were a big reason that I was curious about this. That and I couldn’t see Ghostbusters as it was packed at the time but it’s still a good substitute if you want to have some laughs. Some of the people providing those laughs are Adam DeVine and Zac Efron as Mike and Dave Stangle, two brothers who have a reputation for getting too out of control at their family get togethers.

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