Cinephellas Podcast – Episode 80 (Lockdown with the Phellas)

On this weeks Cinephellas Podcast episode, the wild Phellas boys are back to discuss Halloween Kills, Batman Forever, The Last of Us Part II, our Top Picks for Underrated Movies, our Favorite Video Games of All Time, and MORE!

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Review – Ad Astra (2019)

by Kevin Muller

Stanley Kubrick’s film 2001: A Space Odyssey, was groundbreaking because it took viewers on a miraculous journey that displayed revolutionary film making. It also inspired countless directors and writers to create films of similar nature, with its beautiful visuals and psychedelic nature, that were either were respectful imitators or just flat out disasters. James Gray, who brought us the severely underrated 2016 The Lost City of Z, has now directed a space film that has hints of Kubrick. Does his film soar like a rocket or get lost in space?

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