May Unboxing: Batman 4k and Shaun of The Dead Steelbook!

Logan Myerz unboxes four Batman 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray movies and the Shaun of The Dead Blu-Ray Steelbook. Stay tuned for more unboxing videos next month!

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Review – Dumbo (2019)

by Kevin Muller

The Disney canon is full of animated films that are currently getting live action remakes. This year we have Aladdin, The Lion King, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, and this film Dumbo. Each of these projects has a respected director connected to them that have to abide by the guidelines of the mouse house. Dumbo, is a film of extreme sadness about the separation of mother and child. Who better of a person to make that dreadful situation have beauty than director Tim Burton. The most famous film of his Edward Scissorhands was about an isolated creation trying to both fit in and fine love in the world. Can Burton make this story of an elephant, with the gift of flight, have the same emotional impact he gave Edward close to 30 years ago?

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“The Nightmare Before Christmas” 25th Anniversary Edition Arrives on Digital & Blu-ray September 2!

Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas the stop-motion animated musical fantasy following Pumpkin King Jack Skellington’s misguided mission to make Yuletide his own, was hailed as a macabre masterpiece when it debuted in 1993 and holds a 95% critics rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Twenty-five years later, fans can relive the merry misadventure—and sing or shriek along in brand-new sing-along mode—with the 25th Anniversary Edition of “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” The new edition allows audiences to experience the story two different ways: the original, full-length film, and all-new sing-along mode, which includes pop-up lyrics to 11 unforgettable songs like “What’s This” and “This Is Halloween.” Viewers can get their spook on instantly via Digital, Movies Anywhere and on Blu-ray September 2.

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Classic Review – Batman (1989)


by Armando Vanegas

Even watching Tim Burton’s Batman now, it still sets the stage for a spectacle and you can see the kind of skill Tim Burton can put into a movie. Right from the beginning, this seems like this could be something big and to be fair, it’s not like there was a lot of superhero movies coming out at the time. Thankfully, it does live up to what a big screen blockbuster should and can be. Granted, some of the effects and the sets are a bit fake looking thanks to the great powers of HD but there’s still a very fun experience to be had here. There’s a lot of money being shown on the screen with the sets, which do a great job at presenting this world. I remember rewatching this a few years ago and I was not particularly blown away by it but there’s something about this recent watch that made me appreciate it more. The thing is that it’s not the kind of movie we see anymore especially from the perspective of a comic book movie. It’s kind of endearing that this was made solely just to tell a story and to entertain but it’s just that. I don’t have to watch 12 more movies to lead up to a franchise just to witness a satisfying end for this movie. Not that that’s bad but I’m in school right now and as a result, I’m not always in the mood for that kind of movie. Anyway, this movie is just called Batman and that’s pretty much what it’s about. I saw Batman do what Batman needed to do and I’m all the more appreciative for that.

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