PS5 – Future of Gaming Event

The PlayStation 5 launch event took place on 6/11 and we got to see what Sony has in store for its next-gen console and how the PS5 will shape “the future of gaming”. Logan Myerz shares his thoughts on the PS5 event and the new console hitting shelves this Holiday season!

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Review – Gemini Man (2019)

by Kevin Muller

How would you define a movie star? Personally, it is an actor whose charisma shines through and levitates the best and worst of films. Will Smith has a giant personality that has given him a successful career that has spanned through television, music, film, and two Academy Award nominations. He can bring the funny as well as he can bring the tears. He can be sensitive, loving, and caring, but also witty, fun, and bad ass. Those are the very traits that make this very mediocre film semi-enjoyable instead of the train wreck it could’ve been.

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