SPARE PARTS – Available on VOD, Digital, DVD and Blu-ray June 1, 2021

SPARE PARTS is set in a godforsaken bar in the middle of nowhere where an all-girl band – Ms. 45 – rips the stage apart with their punk spirit. But their performance impresses an enthusiastic fan who lures the girls into a trap, sedates them, and starts…customizing them. Slowly they begin to gain consciousness and, in total shock, realize their arms have all been replaced with axes and chainsaws to fight gladiator-style in a junkyard arena owned by a sadistic “emperor,” forcing them into the battle of their lives with one prize in mind – their freedom.”

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Review – Mid90s (2018)

Logan Myerz reviews Jonah Hill’s directorial debut Mid90s now available in theaters.

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“Follows Stevie, a thirteen-year-old in 90s-era LA who spends his summer navigating between his troubled home life and a group of new friends that he meets at a Motor Avenue skate shop.”

Cinephellas Podcast – Episode 14 (Interview with Michael Alago)

Translation of Beauty : A Conversation with Michael Alago

By Christopher M. Rzigalinski

We’re often reminded that beauty exists in the eye of the beholder. But that revelation takes for granted that the beholder is already positioned in front of the subject she or he is admiring. Seldom do we hear about the influencers that make the relationship between subject and admirer possible. Without them, how would we even have the opportunity to recognize beauty? Michael Alago has made a career of interpreting art and presenting it for large audiences. Who the F**k is that Guy?: The Fabulous Journey of Michael Alago, director Drew Stone’s documentary about Alago’s life and career, explores Michael’s ability to translate his personal passions into shareable ideas. Whether in the role of show booker for the legendary Ritz club in New York, A & R (Artist & Repertoire) scout for Elektra Records, or as an independent photographer, Alago has a vision for understanding the talent that makes his subjects unique and different. And in the film, we get to see the world through his eyes.

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Drive it like you stole it, and ride with John Carney to Sing Street!


by Nile Fortner

When you have a conversation with someone about movies in 2016, what do you hear? Do you hear the obvious major blockbusters? All the movies with over a year of hype? Do you discuss the good and not so good? In 2016, I have had conversations with family and friends about such films as, Captain America: Civil War, Suicide Squad, 10 Cloverfield Lane, Moonlight, Swiss Army Man, The Nice Guys, and what a majority of people were discussing and debating about, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Despite how you may feel about these films, one film I believe people are not discussing enough or even realizing is Sing Street. I don’t know about you, but I have not had any conversations and or clue about Sing Street. Overall, people really didn’t seem to talk or care about it. Which is really a shame, because Sing Street should without a doubt definitely be one of the top 2016 films everyone should be talking about and viewing. 
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