Review – Yellowstone : Season 3 (Episodes 1 + 2)

Logan Myerz returns from the back pastures of the Dutton Ranch to share his thoughts on Season 3 of Yellowstone. The show airs every Sunday night on the Paramount Network.

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“A ranching family in Montana face off against others encroaching on their land.”

Review – Hostiles (2017)

By Henry Hill

Sometimes when you haven’t seen an actor or actress in a film for a few years, they slip into the back of your mind, and it isn’t until you see the trailer for their next movie that you are reminded just how great they are at their craft. That was the case when I saw the trailer for Hostiles with Christian Bale starring. Ten years ago, Bale and Russell Crowe were in a terrific remake of the 1957 western, 3:10 to Yuma. The trailer for Hostiles hinted that we were in for another great western with Bale, and after seeing the film, I can say that it is a great western.

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Review – The Ballad of Lefty Brown (2018)

by Old King Clancy

While the Western Genre will never see the likes of Sergio Leone or John Ford again, there have been enough great modern Westerns to satisfy the fans, from critically acclaimed pieces like The Revenant and The Assassination of Jesse James to more genre focused flicks such as Bone Tomahawk and 3:10 To Yuma. The Ballad Of Lefty Brown fits more into the latter – there’s definitely an appreciation for the genre and for those more familiar with Westerns a strong execution keeps some of the more familiar elements from feeling stale.

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