Review – Watcher (2022)

Watch out for those CinePhellas boys because the ‘Phellas are here to review the IFCMidnight and Shudder movie, Watcher.

A Hitchcock-like thriller starring Maika Monroe who notices a mysterious stranger watching her who may be a potential threat.

Logan and Nile discuss the impressive career of Maika Monroe, the cinematography, and a lot more in this movie review.

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Review – The Stranger (2020)

Logan Myerz reviews The Stranger starring Maika Monroe and Dane DeHaan that’s currently streaming on the Quibi service.

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“An unassuming young rideshare driver is thrown into her worst nightmare when a mysterious Hollywood Hills passenger enters her car.”

’31 Days of Horror’ Review – The Guest (2014)

by Nile Fortner

Terminator Meets Halloween in ‘The Guest’!

Returning from combat operations in Afghanistan, soldier David, visits the family of a dead comrade, and is invited to stay. However, is David everything he claims to be?  So what’s next for the makers of the film ‘You’re Next’? Some fans might expect another horror film from Adam Wingard and screenwriter Simon Barrett. I believe we get more than just another horror film. Imagine if John Carpenter’s ‘Halloween’, ‘The Terminator’, ‘You’re Next’, and ‘Drive’ all found a way to mix up into one bad-ass, bold, and a blast of a movie. We would get 2014’s The Guest!

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