Invincible – Season 1 : Prime Video Review

The phellas attend Reginald VelJohnson High School with Mark Grayson and review the first season of the hit animated superhero series Invincible, now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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“An adult animated series based on the Skybound/Image comic about a teenager whose father is the most powerful superhero on the planet.”

Review – Alita: Battle Angel (2019)

by Kevin Muller

Alita: Battle Angel is a project that has been in development for over twenty years. It was supposed to be the follow up film for James Cameron immediately following Titanic. Then, Cameron got deep into the world of Pandora with his characters from his hugely successful Avatar film, which he’s currently making four back to back sequels that will be released over the next ten years. Enter Robert Rodriguez, who has directed Desperado, Sin City, and the Spy Kids movies, to take on the long awaited project.

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Oscars 2019 – Predictions

by Kevin Muller

What a complicated path this has been to this year’s Oscars.  First, the Academy tried to shoehorn a category in ,“Popular Film,” that was quickly taken out after much outcry.  Then, Kevin Hart was hired then fired after his anti-gay tweets surfaced. Finally, the Academy wanted to cut certain awards that always had their time to shine, but quickly walked back, and put them back in. We haven’t even gotten to the ceremony where some celebrities are going to be annoying with their political beliefs that no one asked to hear. Anyway, the Oscars have always been a second Superbowl to me, without the high ratings. I love movies, and even though I don’t always agree with the picks, Chicago winning best picture comes to mind, I always like to see what/who wins.   Let’s get to it…

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Review – Moonlight (2016)

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by Old King Clancy

There’s a strange dichotomy in today’s society, while we’re a lot more open towards gender, race and sexuality and allowing people of all types to come forward and be who they are without judgement, there’s another side of us that hates this to the point of murdering anyone who is openly different. With the Black Lives Matter movement in America and the Orlando shooting last year the decision to be yourself as a black or gay individual comes with the threat that people out there want to hurt you for something you have no control over, so do you make that choice, do you be who you want to be, or do you hide away and hope nobody sees through your armour.

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