Cinephellas Podcast – Episode 146 (Down with the Phellas)

An endorsement from Hulu? Julia Stiles as a cat? Man, those ‘Phellas got crazy on Episode 146 of the Cinephellas Podcast 

On this episode, the CinePhellas discuss a variety of movies and television topics such as…

• Ranking the Predator Films Including Hulu’s Prey

• Underrated Vampire Movies

Orphan:First Kill, Samaritan, Bullet Train, Woodstock ’99, Idris Elba in Beast

And More on Episode 146 of the CinePhellas Podcast!

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Review – Watcher (2022)

Watch out for those CinePhellas boys because the ‘Phellas are here to review the IFCMidnight and Shudder movie, Watcher.

A Hitchcock-like thriller starring Maika Monroe who notices a mysterious stranger watching her who may be a potential threat.

Logan and Nile discuss the impressive career of Maika Monroe, the cinematography, and a lot more in this movie review.

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