Review – Licorice Pizza (2021)

Licorice Pizza (2021) - IMDb

by Armando Vanegas

It’s not a surprise that 2021 has been a trash ass year. It’s unanimously ties with 2020 as the worst years in human history. Seriously, has anyone said 1990 or 1979 was trash? No, because coronavirus didn’t exist then. So therefore, those are wrong answers. Licorice Pizza comes at a great time where we need an escape. This year hasn’t exactly been as exciting or as satisfying when it comes to movies personally because art is in a weird place right now and emotionally, a lot of movies didn’t hit as hard as I would’ve liked. Licorice Pizza, though, is one of the few movies that actually delivered for me this year. It worked for me precisely because it’s a movie that refuses to live in the now and instead recognizes the joys of being young when you didn’t have as many worries in the world in a time when things just felt less complicated. I’m not going to be all hyperbolic and say that it was so thrilling that the edge of my seat needed an edge of the seat or that it’s going to bring movies back because movies never left. What are you talking about? But I did enjoy it a lot due to its clear inspiration from films like American Graffiti and Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Paul Thomas Anderson has crafted a gratifying coming of age story that feels like a great return to the vibe of Boogie Nights.

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Dexter : New Blood Season Review

The wild boys discuss the shocking finale and review the entire limited series of  Dexter: New Blood now airing on Showtime.

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“Set 10 years after Dexter Morgan went missing in the eye of Hurricane Laura, he is now living under an assumed name in Upstate New York, Iron Lake, far from his original home in Miami.”

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Review – Spider-Man : No Way Home (2021)

The Spider-Man: No Way Home We'll Never See | Den of Geek

By Kevin Muller

The decision to include Spidey so late into the MCU was one of the many intelligent decisions that Kevin Feige, the master of this all, made when constructing this epic cinematic universe. It is comfort food while the newer, and lesser known, heroes start to come out of the woodwork. The first two Spider-Man films were loads of fun, mainly because of Tom Holland’s exuberant performance as one of Marvel’s most famous heroes. Does the English actor go 3-3?

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Cinephellas Podcast – Episode 132 (Christmas Edition)

Your Favorite ‘Phellas of Film are Back for Episode 132 of the ‘CinePhellas Podcast!’ For the holidays, the Phellas discuss favorites such as movies, television shows, and more topics like…

• Favorite/Least Favorite/Underwhelming Christmas/Holiday Movies 🎄

• Hawkeye 🏹

• Spider-Man: No Way Home 🤘🕸🕷

• New Movies for the New 2022 Year 📽

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